De Verreeze Frederik Hendrik ouwerwets Patroon der Verkeerde Barmhertigheid [...]


A broadside satirising the share trade mania and the collapse of the various investment schemes; with an etching showing an outdoor scene where a magic lanternist is drowning, in the background John Law in front of a church, offering a bag of money to two monks, on the right a Ferris wheel, in the middle ground a pond with two men about to drown, another man on the edge of the pond with a fishing-rod, using papers as bait, on the left a bakery, in the foreground a tree, on the right side a boy defecating on a man‘s head, on the left side Frederick Henry opening his cloak, granting shelter to three naked men; with engraved Dutch inscriptions, title, and verses in three columns. (n.p.: [1720])


Size: ca. 26 x 32 cm

Date: 1720


Pre-cinema magic lantern toverlantaarn optical toy lanterne magique Guckkastenmann laterna magica linterna