Historische Radios - Eine Chronik in Wort und Bild

Vol. 1 and 2

Decades ago, German manufacturers supplied radios which were considered to be the best in the world. But this is history. Whether crystal receivers, early tube radios or the high-quality receivers of the late thirties - German radios had set the standards worldwide.



The Second World War drastically interrupted this development. The new start after the war was extremely difficult. Nevertheless, within a decade German manufacturers regained their leading role in the field of radios.



Many readers may still remember this radio generation. Terms like Very High Frequency (VHF), Frequency Modulation (FM), Hi-Fi or Stereo determined the new age of listening.


With the advent of semi-conductors international competition rose tremendously. Finally, German manufacturers had to succumb to their far-east competitors.


In his two volumes, totalling 476 pages, Guenter F. Abele describes the impressive history of German radios. To collectors as well as to technical interested people these volumes offer plenty of new information. The author conducted extensive research into the history of 90 companies which so far have been practically unknown.


Some 800 illustrations show carefully selected radio units and loudspeakers, individual parts, valves (tubes) and rare documents. These volumes even contain detailed lists of manufacturers, loudspeakers and radio parts. Updated market values give the collector a chance to access the value of historical radio sets.



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