Optisches Spielzeug oder wie die Bilder laufen lernten

In former days people were highly fascinated by animated pictures. But even today animated pictures are a great amazement for the viewers. The early forerunners of movies constructed in the 19th century are the most beautiful items among optical toys. They have, indeed, a high value in terms of decoration and quality.


The thaumatrope is fitted with complementary images on either side of a disc and these images merge into a wonderful picture when rotated...


Phenakistiscope by Simon Stampfer

...the phenacistiscope features the stroboscopic effect which is so important for just any film. These instruments showed and paved the way toward the introduction of movies decades later.


The zoetrope and the praxinoscope really perfected the art of moving pictures so that even 70 years later a man named Walt Disney was highly impressed by such animated pictures.

Zoetrope & Praxinoscope

It was the invention of the film which eventually put an end to all optical toys. People virtually crowded the early movie theatres only to be fascinated by the "true" moving pictures.


The present book gives due credit to all the toy forerunners of motion pictures. Every toy collector will, for sure, be enthusiastic about this book as will be any cine-fan.