Since 1993, Füsslin Verlag continuously publishes art and collector´s books concerning different kinds of subjects. With our titles, we want to attract both ambitious collectors and scientists as well as non-specialists which are interested in the subject.


Specialized at the beginning in themes on the (pre-) history of making movies, we stepped on new grounds with "Historische Radios Bd. 1-5"; with the titles "Lichtspiele" and "Anamorphosen" we built a bridge to the graphic art. The Getty Foundation in Santa Monica (California) considered "Lichtspiele" to be a remarkable piece of work , thus we received financial support for the publication of this title.

The books of the Fusslin-Verlag stand for art, media, techniques and toys.


With each publication we try to present interesting and extraordinary subjects with an exclusive style to our readership. If we managed to reached this goal we owe this, above all, to our authors. Without them we would not be where we are today.


Now and in future we are looking for committed authors for further puplications of books with interesting themes. We would look forward to getting to know your works.


The following list shows the subjects which we are especially interested in:




Enjoy the read!

Füsslin Verlag